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1. Unless expressly stated otherwise, all orders and contracts entered into by our company are subject to these general terms and conditions, to the exclusion of the customer's own conditions. The customer is deemed to have read and accepted all the clauses of these general conditions, unless expressly stipulated otherwise.

2. Our offers are made without obligation. They are subject to revision in the event of an increase in raw materials, unpredictable data or changes to the initial project during implementation.

3. To commit our company, any order must have been confirmed by us.

4. Our invoices are portable and payable at our domicile, in cash and without discount. The exchange risk is borne by the customer. Any invoice unpaid on its due date shall immediately automatically and without prior notice bear interest of 12% per annum. In addition, without prejudice to interest on late payment, the amount unpaid on the due date will be increased automatically and without prior notice by a fixed indemnity equal to 15% of the amount due, with a minimum of €75.

This penalty clause of 15% can also be requested by the consumer as defined by the law of July 14

1991 on the practices of the trade and on information and protection of the consumer in the event that we should fail to carry out our obligations, namely for example delivering the goods or carrying out the agreed work.

5. Any claim must be made, under penalty of inadmissibility, by registered letter within eight days of receipt of the goods. A change of address cannot constitute an excuse for not having been informed of the invoice or for not having protested it within the time limit.

6. We remain the owner of the products delivered or implemented until full payment of the principal amount, interest, costs and taxes relating thereto as well as the price of accessories. The delivery of the goods operates the transfer of risks to the buyer. The latter assumes custody of the goods sold upon delivery and is responsible for any damage caused to these goods. In the event of transport of the goods provided by the buyer, the transfer of risks takes place as soon as they leave the warehouse and at the latest ten days after dispatch of a notice of availability.

7. Delivery and performance times are given for information only. The possible overrun of the deadline provided cannot be invoked to claim damages and/or the termination of the contract. We reserve the right to suspend any delivery or any work as long as a previous invoice has not been paid in full. In this regard, all contracts concluded with the same party are deemed to form a whole and to be indivisible.

8. To be valid, any complaint must be made in writing within eight days of receipt of the goods or the invoice, by registered letter. After this period, our invoices are deemed to be accepted by the customer and are therefore payable at our head office. The proof of non-conformity rests with the purchaser. The taking back of the goods by our company, whether or not it has been accepted by the customer, does not imply any recognition of the defective or non-compliant nature of the product.

9. Any complaint and any call for guarantee does not suspend the exigibility of the amounts due.

10. In the event of a cancellation of sale by the buyer, the seller reserves the right to demand compensation which may amount depending on the type of equipment and accessories ordered from 20 to 100% of the total amount of the order. This compensation is intended to cover the administrative costs incurred by us for the preparation of offers, correspondence, stock management as well as our loss of profits. In the event of cancellation of the order after delivery, in addition to this compensation, the customer must return the goods. It will be the same in case of resolution of the agreement to the wrongs and grievances of the customer. In these two cases, the losses of value undergone by the goods will be deducted from the deposits possibly paid by the purchaser. In the event of cancellation of the order by us, except in cases of force majeure, the consumer as defined by the law of July 14, 1991 on trade practices and on consumer information and protection may benefit from compensation equal to the damage suffered.

11. Force majeure as well as the fact of our subcontractors, our suppliers, transport and postal services suspend the execution of our obligations, without prejudice to our company to opt for the pure and simple resolution of the agreement. , without damages and interest at our expense, but with restitution of any deposits paid. In the event of temporary suspension of the works, the period of execution initially planned is extended automatically and without compensation by a period equal to the duration of the suspension, increased by the period of time necessary for the restarting of the works.

Except in cases of force majeure, in the event of unilateral termination of the contract, the consumer as defined by the law of 14 July 1991 on trade practices and on consumer information and protection may claim damages from our company. equivalent to the damage suffered.

The obligations of the consumer as defined by the law of July 14, 1991 on trade practices and on consumer information and protection will also be suspended in the event of force majeure on his part, without prejudice to him of the possibility of requesting pure and simple termination of the agreement.

12. Any dispute relating to the conclusion, validity, interpretation or execution of these general conditions and the agreement concluded between our company and the customer is governed by Belgian law and falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Belgium. judicial district of DINANT, in Belgium and on the basis of Belgian legislation.

13. Our company reserves all copyrights relating to the creations and productions carried out in our workshops under the name HURBZ. These cannot therefore be reproduced or copied.

14. If one of the clauses of these conditions were to be declared void because contrary to any law, the other clauses would however remain applicable.

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