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Go on weekends or vacations without hassle, autonomy from 10 to 40 days.


Kit of 4 drippers


The Iriso dripper works with plastic bottles from 25cl to 2 litres.
Comes with the new instant-on dripper
Ideal for watering your plants grown in your KiGA vegetable table.
You will realize  80% water saving

Each dripper includes
a foot to fit the plastic bottle
a cap with filter 
12cm of pipe 
a dripper adjustable in flow rate from 1 to 11 

Each dripper waters 25cm in diameter, if you have large pots, better put several drippers for optimum irrigation
No more problems related to limestone, it  very easy to disassemble and clean  in vinegar, it is indestructible.

IRISO watering kit

SKU: ACC-001
VAT Included

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